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Metallic Paints

Metallic auto paint is essentially the same as solid
car paint and can be applied as such, with a main
difference of a little bit of powdered metal and
aluminium added, giving the vehicle lots of glint
and shine.

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Crystal Ceramic Paints

Crystal ceramic paints, also known as "mica",
contain more than one types of microscopic
ceramic particles. When light is slowed down
as it passes through the mica, these particles
split light into many different colours.

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Solid Paints

Car paint colour is one of the key elements of
automobile design industry and solid paint is
one of the most common colour that we can
see nowadays. Solid Paint is the simplest and
tidiest option as well as the most fundamental
auto paint colour.

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Pearlescent Paints

Much like a metallic auto paint finish,
pearlescent paint is generally standard auto
paint. Instead of adding metal powder,
microscopic ceramic particles are mixed in.

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