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Auto Paints Solutions

Our business focusing on supply the best auto
paint products and equipment products nationwide. 
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Clear CoatPrimer Coat

Auto Spray Equipment

Spray booth fulter work with correct replacement
period to ensure filtered air diffuses evenly and
forms a laminar flow.  To achieve the best spraying
effect. We have selected products and accessories
for paint spray guns for you. 

Spray Gun  Masking

Auto Paints Masking

For partial repair paint and full spray paint masking
is a very important step in preparing for spraying.  
Especially recommended Fuji brand masking tape
tensile strength and high temperature resistance,
it come with good moisture resistance. 


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Glasurit 2:1 923-255 HS Clear & 929-24 HS Topcoat Hardener Slow

Pack Size : 1.4 LTR
Regular Price: RM 190.00
RM 190.00
Total: RM 190.00
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Glasurit 923-255 HS Multi Clear Coat

The high-solids product will win you over through its convincing application performance and a finish quality that stands out for deep gloss and brilliance. Two spraycoats are sufficient to produce impressing top-quality results. On vertical surfaces only one spraycoat has to be applied. At 60°C 923-255 HS Multi Clear takes only 30 minutes to cure, and it can be applied onto all Glasurit basecoats. Adapted Glasurit hardeners and reducers are available to adjust the clear to different application conditions.

  • High solids content
  • Safe to spray
  • Excellent flow and good levelling
  • outstanding appearance for high-quality automotive finishes.
  • The product stands out for fast drying,
  • excellent surface hardness,
  • polishing behaviour and tape resistance.


Glasurit 929-94 HS Topcoat Hardener Slow

Glasurit HS topcoat hardenersto be mixed with Glasurit 22 Line topcoats and Glasurit 923- clears.


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